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Title: An Explorative Study on Sustainable Grape Farming Practices in Karnataka: A Case Study of Vijayapur District
Authors: Maradi, Mallikarjun M.
Keywords: Grapes Movements
Farming Activities
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: World Leadership Academy
Citation: Maradi, M. M. (2021), "An Explorative Study on Sustainable Grape Farming Practices in Karnataka: A Case Study of Vijayapur District", Journal of Decision Making and Leadership (JDML), Vol. 1 No. 1, pp. 45-48.
Abstract: Grape is one of the vital fruit crops in tropical Karnataka. Over 13400 hectares of grape plantation exist across the Vijayapur district, where no others districts in the Karnataka and it has unique taste and deliciousness. The Karnataka has high potential to produce varieties of grapes in Vijayapur district proved highest grapes production under continuous irrigation condition and the average yield also. Sustainable grape growing is the journey of continually improving one’s ability to reduce threats to environmental and social footprints. The farmers switched to sustainable grape production that doubled the production in terms income. Improved variety of grapes production adopted by new method of farming by farmers. This paper analyzes the farmers’ adoption of sustainable grape farming practices in Vijayapur District, Karnataka based on farm household survey conducted in 2020. The study has adopted Multiple Regression Analysis technique to identify sustainable grape farming practices in Vijayapur. Hence, the present study aims to understand the determinants of sustainable grape producers in research area. The present study stressed on sustainable grape manufacturing and its proper utilization.
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ISSN: 2583-1089
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