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Title: Impact of Covid-19 on Buying Behaviour of Automobile (Cars) in India
Authors: Chatterjee, Koushik
Keywords: Automobile Sales
Buying Behaviour
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: World Leadership Academy
Citation: Chatterjee, K. (2021), "Impact of Covid-19 on Buying Behaviour of Automobile (Cars) in India", Journal of Decision Making and Leadership (JDML), Vol. 1 No. 1, pp. 7-12.
Abstract: Key performance metrics and demand are under pressure during this pandemic situation, all automobile producing companies came to a near shut down during this lockdown period. The industry has to bear the standing charges as well as most of them have started participating in social work and contributing to the health care, funding the hungry population, etc. This paper tried to focus on a different angle to find out the buying behaviour of the automobile customers of India post lockdown. Personal survey as well as interview method is adopted with open and closed questions. This generated significant estimation of the future purchasing decision of the prospective buyers and others for cars post lockdown. It is a search for the different impacts of COVID-19 on the buying behaviour of automobiles and the hidden causes for such behaviours. Though the companies see a gloomy sky, but the resultant of this paper can give them a different view, which will help them to enhance their sales by meet in certain requirements as recommended in this paper.
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ISSN: 2583-1089
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